Apk file is not working after export

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Share your blocks related to your Issue.

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Yes that was earning app for which I got answer from Peter not allow and then I delete that app from kodular.
But this is an app I am creating with fruits and vegetables name when I tried in .apk it has same issue.

App is loaded with ads. :unamused:
Anyway, I got the problem. But I request you to post blocks before I help you.

This is for main screen named as welcome.

This coding is for next screen

This for next screen All the rest 20 screen have same coding.
Total have 23 screens.

This coding blocks for main screen.

This is for next screen

This is for next screen

All the remaining screens have same blocks and only 4 interstitial ads are placed in app. Could you help me Please?

This is for main screen named as welcome.

This coding is for next screen

This for next screen Uploading: IMG-20200703-WA0047.jpg…

Instead of clicking photos of the blocks, just right click in your block editor and select Download Blocks as Image option. By doing this an image containing your blocks will downloaded which you can share here

:scream: Why don’t you use arrangements to reduce screens? 23 screens for an quiz app!

The idea of this app is same as the previous one. Serve nothing, but earn as much possible.


Maybe this is the problem . See below post on how to use different screens wisely and how to close them correctly

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Ok I understand I shall use the vertical arrangements or to use airtable.
Hope fully it will work.Plus I am adding some other quiz in Maths and science plus intelligence so It be better to use vertices arrangements.

Thanks I will try this and hope fully it may works.

these 20 screems could be reduced to only one screen… but you have to separate data and logic…
see for example Building Apps with Many Screens


Thank you for advise.
I am working on it to reduce to 5 screens and hope this will work.
Thanks all kodular community for response and help .
If any issue again I will come to community again.

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