app access only when it's at specific coordinates

Hello everything I just created an application and I want to know if an application can only be accessed only at a certain location or coordinates?, if yes can show the block or forum to me

When the user opens the app check for the coordinates using GPS or Google Maps.

If the user is at the correct location then allow access to the app otherwise show a message that the user is not at the correct location and close the app.

There are many examples here in comunnity about This…:mag::eyes:
Did You search here ?
Google Maps
Location Sensor

Before posting here, have a look at the community, search, and try everything you find until you come to a solution. You can do it by getting the country or region name by an extension that does so, and i believe it’s called LocationInfo or something like that, or use longitude and latitude coordinates to get the region name, and to be sure about the location use a VPN detector and a mock location detector. Hope it helps