Help regarding location detection

My application is basically based on location. For the app to work it need latitude and longitude. i have implemented it using location sensor and google maps. The application works well as expected but after several testing and debugging i discovered that after sometimes the location sensor and the google map will fail to get latitude and longitude even when the location is on. For a long time i didn’t know what was happening, i decided to format my device to know what exactly was going on. After doing this i installed the app again and tested as usual and it did work as expected. The conclusion i drew from this is actually a question, Do google limits the number of times location can be fetched? how can i prevent this, is there a way i can request for location and i would be granted at any time? Thank you.

Try this logic.
Used clock to get location.
Screen initialize set my location true
When maps is ready set clock to true, when clock timer set clock false and get data from location.
**Set clock 1000ms or 1 sec

i will try this method too. This will work but the problem is that after some times location will stop working, which
h i don’t why.

Upload your blocks

How many times you are trying to get location per day? Have you enabled any billing plan?

This app is for an institution and we’re about 500. lets say per day we have about 150-200 location request per day. I don’t have any enabled billing plan.

If your blocks are ok! then…

You may need a billing plan from Google cloud console. Or You may PM the Project ID & Email. Then I will upgrade the level of your Location API ( This will more precise the location level, will not solve the problem ).

BTW, Which Location API you are using. ( Location JS, Maps SDK, Maps API etc etc )?
For you knowledge, The South - North & East - West full coverage means You need a Good Internet. & Must set the Precise Location Permission.

Okay thank you