How to get current Latitude and Longitude of User Mobile

Hi, Koders I want to know How to get Current Lat and Long of an User Mobile.
Please help me to do it I want to implement it in my app.
Thanks !

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show what you have tried…?

I have used Location sensor to do it but it is not working. It give me a black String.

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use permission to get information

Ok Bro I will check it out.

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ya please & tell me its working or not.

ok bro I will give you feedback it works or not

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Hi, Bro can you tell me the full permission name

Google is your friend.

Yeah I have done it but wait for some time.

It is not working bro.

Instead of just saying it’s not working, show us what you have done. Show your blocks and it’s gonna be easier to us to try help you.