App always crash and Admob Ads not Showing

My app goes Crash Always i think i done all right block since its crash in every 10-15 second and also my ads are not showing both banner ad and interstitial ads
Please Suggest me any right solutions that app never been crash.ForKodular.aia (1.5 MB)

Welcome to community,
As you joined the community recently,first try out reading other topics which are similar to your one

I already Read many Topics but no solution:sob:

It was very easy to find

I didn’t ask only the ad run time error my main question is app got crashes always.

Do you have any procedure in app which is recurring, try to read how to switch screen guide and use async procedure extension and try posting block

Screen Switching is working fine when i load the app in home screen after 10-15 seconds its crash

You need to tell more about your app, like what it does, done blocks screenshots etc