My app increased crashes when i add admob ads

When i add admob ads both banner and interstitial the app is crashing somany times. Pls help me to fix this.
I previously used startapp ads that time there is no crash. When i add admob ads recently the app is crashing too much time.
Both after and before adding admob crash pic is included.
App link:

What does it say when you press view details?


We will take a look at the crashes and fix whatever we can.

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I lost around 3k users because of this. How can i fix it.

Well remove it then

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As it seems you are the only one that has reported this issue, how about providing us with blocks so that we can see if you are even using the blocks in the right way

@Boban @George_Loungos

but how i monetize my app . i have total 50k+ install and around 30k active users .
i want to show a adomb interstitial ad after a user using one minute

Wow. Why do you need 3 banners for one screen?


And you ask yourself why you have crashes? Seriously.

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I advice you to don’t use clock to show interstitial ads.

My App was crashing so many times. I lost thousands of users. I make changes in everything but not solved. finally i removed admob component completely and removed ads from app. Now app working smoothly. No crashes in new update. I am afraid to add admob component. It can start crashing again.
My blocks and everything is fine. It was just with admob component. Any solution to fix this issue.
Answer will be appreciated.

Use Only One Banner On A Screen

If You Want To Make Your Admob Suspended Then Use 3 Banners On A Screen :sunglasses: