App Automatic close

Guys, here is my app link qurot (3).apk (9.9 MB)

When ever i try to open my app. It automatically close. I don’t what is the problem. Please help me guys. Here is the video

You Need to Share your Blocks.
Without it No One can Help.


Which screen block i should share??
I used 10 Screen

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You are New User,
One Suggestion - Use not more than 2 to 3 Screens.
Use Arrangements as Virtual Screen.
You can read more about it in Community.

Lets Start from Screen1

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The blocks of the screen where the problem occurs first, specifically Screen.Initialize and open another screen (blocks where the screens switch).

See also here:

Its recommended to not use more than 10 screens.

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The Topics which i read says -
You can add any number of Screens,
Till 10 it will be fine but after that it shows a warning.

But along with that topics also suggest to have not more than 2 or 3 Screens as it’s enough.
Although all the work can be done in 1 Screen,
But we can devide it like 1 for Login Signup, 1 for All other remaining things / actual content and Personally i make 1 for no network warning.

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