App automatic closing while changing screen

I have created a app which 3rd screen closes automatically, I got solution for auto closing i.e. side bar extension and built in side bar so I created my app again but again my screen closes automatically I deleted all the blocks and component but screen is closing. Can any one help me.

Show your blocks.

There is nothing in my block.
but I can show you previous block.

Then how did you supposed to test the app?


First I check with these blocks but after cecking in community I deleted all the block and components but bug is sill.

This topic has a solution :

No, this didn’t work. I tried to make my app from start but nothing happen, bug is still.

You didn’t Imported any screen? Blocks you posted seems to be not so problematic.
From which scree to which screen you were jumping when the app crashed?
Can you show the open another another screen and when screen initialize block…