App automatically closing upon changing screen [SOLVED]

The app is, for some reason, just crashing and closing upon opening other Screen. This is happening with only one of my screen.

I even tried to disable all the blocks on initialization but still it is just closing down.

I am also sure I’m switching screens correctly. But the screen just closes itself upon opening.

However, the screen is working fine in the Companion. I think its a bug in Kodular.

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.

show blocks

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I have tried all the ways to switch screen.

…and even if I try removing all the blocks from the screen, it just closes.


first you remove the if then true
and next move close screen block first

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CSS_Challenge_BTN Click
set first close screen
and add start value and screnn name next part


please check the SCREEN NAME.
That may be the reason :wink:


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Not working.

Checked it!
That’s definitely correct.

So please share the aia here.

Can’t share AIA or APK.
If there’s any other way, then I’ll sure try.

Can I confirm that you have problem with Screen4?
Is it working with button HTML_Challennge_BTN
and JS_Challenge_BTN?

Couldn’t understand what you mean.

I meant whether you have problem while clicking on those button ?

And what about this :roll_eyes:

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No, I tried opening other screens by that button in app app and other screens opened perfectly.

I also tried removing all the blocks of initialization.
BTW that screen is working fine in Companion.

So :blush: change the blocks as you did for the those buttons

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I’ve tried that and other possible ways.

I think I’ll have to remake that screen from scratch if it doesn’t gets fixed.

Surely you made a little mistake.
Take time and analyse your blocks carefully.
Also try with a different device

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Read this guide by @Taifun

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I FINALLY found and solved the bug in my app.

What I was doing wrong was that I was using the custom side menu block and had also imported the Side Menu Layout component in my Screen.

That was creating a conflict and resulting my app to crash.

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