App Background Image Showing Blurry And Low Quality

hello all image in my app ,In Kodular Image Showing Fine And After Installing App Img Shows Blurry And Low quality. Please Tell Me How To Fix This?
i did turn on the High Quality Images in screen properties but is the same !!


thank u but how i do it if is not backround

So what component is it if it is not the background?

like tht 1 , 2 , 3 are image

Test like this depending on your components


Go on App Main Component options and turn on “High Quality Image” this option by default off. turn it on and Enjoy :rofl:

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Turn on high quality images at screen’s properties.

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am already did that but is the same problem i use pictures with ’ .png ’ extension

What’s your Image Sizes?

facing the same problem
my image sizes are 1080x1920

original image

note: high quality images is ticked

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