Background UI Image reduced pixel

Hii koders.
I’m create one app in which want to add background Image to make better user interface but ,this image pixel auto reduced. And look like blur effect.
How to fix it.!


This is original image

And this is app bacgraund image

i read in some topics that enabling High Quality Images from Advanced Properties of Screen1 fix it.

High quality image also enable

Re-Upload The Image , I Think It Will Work!!

I’m trying about five times, then come on community.

Check how it looks as apk, if still the same and if you still need it then use arrangement instead for now…

@Kodular I can confirm this that High Quality Images has no effect on Screen background image


Set background image to Vertical Arrangement
And set High Quality Images enabled.

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Thank you :star_struck::grin::sweat_smile:

No offense but did you read all the comments given to you…


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