APP being succesfully exported but doesnt install properly

Hello everyone,
I just exported my app as an .apk and tried to install it in my phone. The apk opens and installs, but no app is visible.!!
If you can see in the image above, the open button is disabled. No error log is created by Kodular(while exporting), the icon is 96 x 96 pixels.

Can anyone help in this matter.

the image is posted above

Uninstall a previous one.

Did you searched about it on community?

I always before installing a new build, unistall the previous one.

My package name is the same as my firebase’s JSON package name

Show Your package name.

It should be:


in this format

It’s com.headnotes.readersclub

Package name is ok.

Try this solution

After reading the solution i think i need to tell, i duplicated this project before, but changed the package name after duplicating.
Does this cause the problem?


When you copy your existing project and modify it, this error will happen.

Now try as given in the guide to solve it.