App crahes at startup - need help

Good evening,

just built an application and unfortunately it crashes at startup (pop up by android system “JGHerder VP has stopped”).

Can anyone take a look into the project (*.aia attached)
please and tell me what is the problem?

(Attachment removed due to the problem related to it is fixed)

Thank you very much in advance!

May be the reason, try to rename loading…(1).json file to loading.json


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Either Lottie component or the page you are trying to load in the WebViewer.


Thank you very much, this fixed it. Another problem: i thought I can view *.php and *.pdf in WebView Component, but it us just empty. What component can I use instead?

*.php if stored on web server you will see it as webpage or did you mean something else
with it.

*.pdf How to view a pdf document


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*.php stored on web server: possible to open via WebViewer Component?