Webview loadHTML make app crash Kodular Version 1.5.2

Hi Koders!
Application closes after Webview loadHTML.

AIA File
WebviewLoadHTML.aia (1.6 KB)
WebviewLoadHTML.apk (5.1 MB)

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Crashes even with companion 1.5.2…

Catlog Webviev_loadHTML.txt (78.7 KB)

well, basically after update, components crash apps if properties are null/blank

Correct me if I am wrong :thinking:

Not for this one.


Same Problem for me as well! I am Trying to load html page, App is crashing after exporting

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Same problem here. Is there any other way to show html layouts or images in app…??
Please help, I need to update my app.

You can use CustomWebView.

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Thanks for reply…I tried but app still crashing… :worried:

For a while I changed the Webview loadHTML block to WebView gotoURL

upload html file to asset.
Work if export to Apk.

Try this and see if it works for you

WebviewLoadHTML.apk (5.2 MB)

Get the logs then.

Sorry for mistek. I tried with CustomWebView, it working now.

It also works with web_viewer component when we use Extended Web Viewer Extension



So basically issue is in WebViewClient of WebViewer component.


try to add a new apk screen or make new apk, my web view start works when i delete old screen and make a new one with same parameters , its strange but it is works. And i cant run veb view when i build it on diffenetly same old screen of apk. main idea: no renew, just new ! copy all blocks and parameters , but on new apk.

work for me, what is wrong?

Solved with this @Taifun tip.


tested on Android 11.


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