App Crashes and Some Bugs Fenix 1.5.2.. Which One?

I also have many problems with google maps and other errors since the update. I would think they would solve it in the next few hours

You need to use your own Google map I’d, you need to set your billing account, need to select the map style. Then only map will function in kodular.

This settings must be enable…

That is done, it worked until today in the morning.

Oh no. . Then let we wait for others are reporting the same or not, since today early morning only Fenix was updated to target API 30… may be due to that, but I am not sure.

It isn’t the reason … the app still crashes

Same problem is here still crashes

to find out more about the crash, use logcat

and to report a bug, use the #feedback:bugs category


I could not see the ‘Target sdk 30’ in the Publishing section. It still shows Target sdk 29. I thought in the new release the fix is done. Can you please guide?

Befoe Kodular Fenix 1.5.2 my apk good work but after update thay are crash and close plese help me

Follow Taifun’s advice as we have no idea of what your app does…

for me too I could not see the ‘Target sdk 30’ in the Publishing section.
this is normal or not ? can any one explain, this is take a time for update for anyone or what should we do? thanks

Kodular doesn’t have target sdk in Publishing…

P.S. They have minSdk…

Ok I understand everything, but after the update, when I am exporting apps which contain web viewer, the app crashes on initialization.

Show your blocks → WebViewer / Screen.Initialize

I have got the log from “adb logcat:E” … but its too big … which part you want to find the problem

Just upload it as a txt file here

Include everything in the file

Here is the adb logcat :E of the app

I hope we can find the problem and its solution

adb_logcat_E.txt (3.8 MB)

I forwarded your log to staff

It also has the same Error

Thanks … I hope this could be fixed soon

I solved my problem by adding text to spinner instead of being empty … now the app stopped crashing and published my updated and approved by google too …

Thanks all of you