My app keep crashing when i open the app

Hi, My app keeps crashing when i open it. it just shows the splash image and then closes,
I tried logcat checking method mentioned in a previous discussion in kodular community by @Taifun , I tried deleting all blocks from my app, but still same crashing happens, can any one pls help me to get the crashing report ?

Hopefully one of the forum’s resident magicians can help you. No one else can based on the information you have provided.

okay :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
my app have 7000+ blocks in main screen and there have 4 screen with no of block 300. it was working fine until yesterday. (actually i keep working on my project,it is not completed yet)
dont know why from yesterday onwards it keep crashing at the start of app, i checked all of my block. there had no issue. and i deleted all extesion used, but the problem is goinng on,
what i need is, i saw a discussion of same issue of crashing and that koder solved it using some logcat method, since that topic was already closed i created a new topic, can anyone guid me to do that logcat method or any method to get crash report

Can you point out which one.

If you post your APK some one might take a look

If so why don’t you use the same to find out actually where is the mistake happening

apk is here,
vv.apk (8.4 MB)
and the topic i mentioned was My app closes automatically

i dont know how to do that actually, i tried the method as mentioned in that topic and using adb logcat*:E command, it shows nothing , actually iam new at this :slightly_smiling_face:

Which screen is opened after Screen1 or on which screen does the app crash?

Since my main page is screen 1 (first screen). I included all blocks and components in that page. And i use splash image, it runs that splash image. but after loading app crashes

Ok, you said the app also crashes after removing all blocks. Right?

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yes,I deleted all blocks, but it keeps crashing

I managed to find the error using logcat
Can anyone pls Explain what is wrong in this
the log i got is

Actually it even occur without blocks so try deleting (functional) components and try

(Also have a backup)

Have many components in that screen. Isnt it possible to find the error using logcat data?

… and the app crashes? Right?

If so, remove all other screens and post die aia (without any block, extension) and with only 1 empty screen (Screen1).

All the logs we got so far has this error


Yes, that was my guess that Screen1 (Screen1.scm) is corrupt.

what does that mean?

Can i fix that?

I’m also having the same problem after the update

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