My app closes automatically

I have a problem that I no longer know how to solve, I have searched the community but none of those solutions fixed my problem. On screen 1 I have 2000 blocks and at the time the screen is initialized, if the user does not have an account, he is sent to register but in that action the application closes itself without giving any type of error. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!

do these 2 Import screens exist?
what happens in the companion app?
you might want to use Logcat to find out, what is going on…


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This did not help me

Now I check this

However, looking in the community for “app crash”, many talk about Logcat and you haven’t tested it yet. So, I wasn’t sure that you had found the same topicis

After more errors I duplicated the screen and eliminated everything from screen 1 and made a splash, that way it worked but when it opens, the screen opens automatically closes it without leaving the app. So the error is there, does anyone have a solution or a logical answer for this ???

Did You Try ?

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my pc does not recognize the adb

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Try removing the close screen block after opening another screen block.

Maybe the initial screen1 is closed before the other screen is loaded and thus app closes.

Formerly I had it like that so I tried that way, in the same way I tried it and the error is still

I tried deleting extensions, files, changing the loading system but it was not solved. I think the problem is something specific because even when I do not put any action when starting the screen the error persists

Does anyone have a solution? Maybe the best thing would be to forget about this project since it is something “big” and heavy

use simple screen names and get logcat running

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Are you testing it on Companion or by downloading it?
I suggest you to try the app’s APK instead of companion

Try interchanging the open another screen blocks and the close screen blocks…

I mean to put the close screen in the if portion and the open another screen after that

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is the apk

now i try it

It didn’t work, and the adb that @Taifun told me didn’t work either since the app now behaves in strange ways. After the splash when you open the screen where the error is, sometimes it closes itself and returns to the loading screen and other times it opens another screen at random. It really is very strange, the only thing I can think of is that it is due to the large number of blocks and actions

Try to remove the close screen block