App crashes if "notifier" is used to display some error message

App crashes if “notifier” is used to display some error message.

App is crashing when some error message needs to be displayed.

Your example shows a default button click with default text.
I dont see any error message that you want to show

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Yeah sorry I didn’t mention the the screen shot of error . Below is the problem i am facing while using the above blocks of code.
It says application has stopped working .

These are the error logs hope. It will help you understand the problem.

Sorry for these many replies. But those logs were incomplete and may mislead.

Can you show all of your blocks?

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The blocks (image at the beginning of discussion) show the whole project.
Actually i was having problem in other project . That crashes again and again when it has to some message. So i created a new simple project to test notifier in order to confirm the problem.

Which android version do you have?

I am on resurrection remix
marshmallow 6.0.1

Please show a picture of your notifier designer properties.

The error log tells me that you have no background color set.

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everything is in default

What is if you set the background color to a other color?

Still crashing :frowning:

@ All
Please test the apk, write your android version and if you see or don’t see the toast message.

I can’t rebuild your error.
I have created a new project.
All I have done is added a button and the notifier component.
I have nothing changed on the notifier properties.

My blocks:
blocks (4)

Here is the apk:
toast.apk (2,3 MB)

The apk works for me and shows the toast without issue:

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I see the toast message. Android 8.

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I dont know why it is not working for me.
But finally i have fixed it through other way.
I decompiled the apk file using apk tool .
Went to
Smali > com> google>appinventor>component>runtime

Replace the notifier.smalli file with another same project created on mit app inventor.

It is old not like toast but working without crash.

Screenshot has red background because i changed the color from the property of notifier

Which android version had your device before you install the custom Rom?
Maybe the custom rom is the issue creator.

Because i can not rebuild your issue.

sorry for late reply because i exceeded maximum reply for a new member.

yeah it Custom rom fault
it could not call toastNow() methord.
i tested on other roms. its working fine.