App crashes on client's devices

hello dear community. my app made with Kodular is on Play Store now. i have tested 4 different devices my app and there was not any problem, crash or something. but in Play Store statistics i see that there a lot of crashes, i have not any idea about whats is the problem. i think it would be great that recieve crash reports from that devices which every time app crashes device ask that “send crash report”. and second issue is that why my app works on my devices (android version 5, 6, 8, 9) but crashes some of other devices which on same version with mine. thank you

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Crashlytics show the crash dialog and collects the reports which we look into.

The reasons can be many. It is unpredictable to find a bug, especially when our code is so big and diverse.

If you do some help by giving us crash logs, then we can fix them on priority.

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it would be great but i can not get crash logs from clients

Firebase has a automated testing suite, and you can run test on many different devices, and it will show screen shots of issues.

There is a free version.

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