How to fix crashes provided by crash report in Google Play?

can any one help me to finding a solution …
here is my play console picthure where you can see a lots of crash reported … how to fix this

what about providing some details about the crash reports?
protip: click the Explore Report link…

check this plz reply me how to fx this i guss this all are showing just 1 error can you help me to resolve this

waiting for your response

Click on this:


and show the details.

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check this if you need more info reply me
thanks for help…

which components and extensions are you using?
one of them is causing issues in Android 9 and 10…


i am using 4 screen and number of components … and i am not use any extantion …


4l 5l

one more thing yesterday i am update my ap in which i use 12 card view components facebook ads components
but crashes occure bufore of that thing so kindly check this

waiting for your response

I have noticed that when we use Lottie component, our app faces crash problems.

Thats why i stopped using lottie and crashes are reduced.

I would like to use it, but can’t bc I didn’t find any free tool for creating JSON animations. Now I use normal WebViewer with HTML code, and it works fine. :wink:

I was used lottie just for loading animation in flash screen.

You can use it when its really necessary otherwise you can avoid it.


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to help our friends at @Kodular to identify this issue, you might want to test your app on an Android 9 or Android 10 device (a Samsung Galaxy device might be a good choice according to your screenshot) and provide a logcat output


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