App crashes on start

In the last year I updated my app and uploaded it on Google play dozen of times without any problem but now, since I added a long code to a screen, the app crashes on startup.
PS: when compiling the .apk file, Kodular doesn’t give any error.

May the app crashes because of a too long code?

Please help me, the app is on Google Play with this error I can’t update it :pleading_face: :pray:

Don’t forget to visit globally pinned message in the community. Tired of sharing that message.

I do not think so.
My Screen1 also has some kind of long code but still works well, it crashes before though but it is not anymore after reviewing this:

In my case, I am nut sure but I think the problem is in my app’s AdMob and TinyDB component. Maybe it is because I did not fulfill the properties (in AdMob, the Ad Unit ID was left blank)

Ok, the problem was that every Screen descriptions were empty… i resolved with the guide in community’s pinned post.
Thanks to all!


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