App crashes using lottie component

Describe your issue

Application crashes or closes while opening
in compainion companion dances doing blinking

Steps to reproduce the issue

just drag and drop lottie component and select source export apk try opening it ones it closes

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Android version


Bro export your app use the app it’s crash in live test

If you didn’t update the companion, expect this.

done bro
i used source as a url
it works now lovely

After update i also got this problem so after export it’s work good

That’s caused due to the Fill parent property
Do not use it by now


It Does Work In Automatic Property Too…

whenever i live test it crash coz i use lottie, it tried it on different size


Yes when you set the height and width of Lottie component manually, the app crashes during live test, but it should work in compiled apk :slight_smile:

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You are right! But we need to invisible it during live test and that’s sad. I can’t see the beauty :joy: