Possible bug in Lottie (Sorted out) ty

Does the Lottie component have any problems?
I can not excuse any kind of Lottie
(test with .zip, .json, and url)

Are you using companion?

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Sorry… ??

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Kodular Companion allows apps creators using Kodular to live test their apps, without having to export and compile the app!

If you want to test your app without export, download the app here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.makeroid.companion

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I think Yasir_Shakoor asked whether you are using the Kodular Companion app or you have built the apk.


No, it doesn’t have any problems. I’m also using it

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the application is installed

Thanks for the answer. this is happening now, I have other apps using Lottie without any bug, however, I currently can not use the Lottie component anymore

what error are you getting during testing.

simply the app does not run Lotties

are you using json file or url of animation.

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I used .zip, .json, and url, error persists

give me the link of that animation i will check if it is working in my app or not.

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I used any animation, perssite error with other animations


You can see the bug for this video

teste parou: teste ( name app) stopped

i am also getting the same error however when i try any other lotties file it is working so i think this lottie animation that you are using is corrupted in lotttie databse and there is nothing one can do except changing the animation.

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I did not know that Lotties broke, I tested several, and they were broken, thanks for the attention!

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Your lottie is working properly, i don’t know why it’s not working in your app.