App crashes using webviewer (home url component)

i am using webviewer component in my app using tinydb and my app is getting crashed when i open web screen,i have filled all filed and have not left any fields empty but still facing same crash.i also tried using “open another screen with start value” but same issues again.

Please help me out

Following are the links:
test.aia (6.5 KB)


test_10.aia (6.4 KB)

crash again and i see no changes

Sorry I didn’t check the app, I only made changes in project settings because app couldn’t compile. Let me check it

i tried a simple page but it is still crashing

To me looks like an earning app and such apps aren’t allowed to Kodular

ok say i want to build another app and facing such issue what shall i do then ??

Problem is with your site, use or another url - no crashes

yes you are correct i tried my other websites and i don’t see any crashes.But i already have application built with same code and its working fine And i tried same code on mit app inventor and it works fine,can u help me what could be the reason for this

Because in Kodular enable javascript is set by default in webviewer’s properties. Simply disable it

yeah you are correct disabling javascript is fixing issue but my site won’t work without javascript,then how can i manage ?

This is not a Kodular’s related problem I believe. It’s a problem with your site

ok thank you so much for your help i will try some ways to fix this Thanks again

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Topic closed, not a Kodular’s related problem