App description animation

Hello please how can I create a app description animation for example this deephost apk. If there is any extension please share

Use spotlight component located in user interface category.

Please can you show an example because am not with my pc

Sorry I can’t.
Try something yourself and if you stuck then community is here to help you.

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Thank you.

Or You Can Use Into View Extension From @Deep_Host App It’s Free

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I will try my hands on it thanks.

In case you are going with Spotlight component, below is a guide I found with a simple search “Spotlight”


Exactly what I was viewing just now thank you very much.

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I have tried the tutorial but it gives this error see image

This is the updated full block code.

please help me check what is wrong with my code and if you want the ais screen to change my error please let me know. Thanks

You can show spotlight only after assigning a component.