App Development Questions

Hey all i am planning to make a app that gets the details of the IP adress

i just want to ask few questions

Is it OK to build this kind of app , does it violate any community rules , Does it violate kodular policies and can i publish this kind of app on galaxy store

If you state the reason for getting the IP of the users in your policy words, i hope it won’t get rejected.


I am not making the app for earning

I am not putting any ads

i don’t think it violates any kind of policy or toc as there’s already an extension for it available in kodular community. if you want to make an app like that then i suggest you to use as it is easy to use. all you need to know is how to use json tools to extract a particular value from json. well there are many tutorials on it.

OR, you can use this extension

Good luck :wink:

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Thanks for your suggestion :blush: @Yashk12


Is this a json api ?



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Ok then you can even get all details using dictionary blocks

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yes or by using json tools extension


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