IP Tracker Extension Free Update v2


IP Tracker Extension v1

This extension returns your IP address ,country, state, timezone, Pincode ,lat, lon etc. you can also search the custom IP address manually to track the locations.


App Screenshots

Demo Apk:- IP_Tracker.apk (5.0 MB)

Update v2

  • Country Flag Added

Download Links

:arrow_down: Download AIX :com.avmcreators.IpTracker.aix (105.4 KB)

:arrow_down: Download AIA : Paid

NOTE: This extension based on ip-api.com.


Add demo apk also


Added now :blush:

Good extension

how to? national flag image blocks

Wait I will add this.

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@avmcreators02 what happen if user turn off internet connection?

It should look like this when the reload button is pressed,I tried

Now bug fixed.

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Need to upgrade once again
Add- Country dial code
Ex. +91 india

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This ip tracking stuff can be easily done with the help of http://ip-api.com/json …Extension is kind of useless


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