App Export problem

Does anyone else has an export problem at the moment as well?

Error code:

Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was


Yes, since yesterday around 4 p.m. (French time) login servers and compiler servers have a problem / lag


Ok thanks for the info. Do you know when it’s going to be fixed?

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Perhaps during the big update on January 1, 2020, the reason why the servers have problems is that there are too many people connected to the Kodular database.

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Ok thanks.

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this issue annoyed me a lot…

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@David this is also a test of our patience :joy:

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Kodular and these servers … A long history … For having used Kodular since the first version of Makeroid … They had a lot of server problems …

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searching before post is not crime, so please search before posting. Thank you.

Here we go again…

searching before post is not crime

Yes, but it is exceptional since it is server problems. Always read the subject before saying that you have to look before posting :slight_smile:

Compile with 2-3 times until success,
i get error too but i try then success compile after that :slight_smile:

if you have searched or even try to open given link then you can see in last some days many posts are this same topic , it means users are facing this problem , then its unnecessary to ask again that facing or not, if you can see posts that peoples are facing also. this is community and we are here to help everyone but we we came and see these posts like have no answers are already posted and answered then we may stop answering.

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I also have the compile problem since yesterday

It’s not fixed !!! I’m gonna get crasy

You should respect what others are trying to say they also have right to speak.

I found 2 more problems

1st - app export stuck at 0%
solution = I open another kodular creator in new tab and then start exporting my app. Now both previous tab and new tab app will be exported

2nd - login page never opens or just stuck after we choose google account to login
solution = open new tab and then try again. It will take 3-4 tries

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Nice solution