App gets stuck or hangs when loading a large amount of data

My app has to load thousands of fires around the world on a google map and thus it needs a bit of time to accomplish that. The problem appears when it attempts to load all the data and it just hangs or a windows pops up with the classic “This app isn’t responding”. I thought that maybe threading or some sort of async loading of the blocks could solve the problem and I stumbled upon the ‘Async Procedures’ extension but I have some doubts about it. Any type of solution would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance Koders! :smile:

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@Meme_boi You can check you aia file with Kodular Unchive this platform is an aia file viewer or if you want we can give you solution but only when we can see your screen 1 initialisation block thanks

@Meme_boi You can also try this

Unfortunately I did a poor job describing my situation. I’m trying to excecute a set of blocks rather than creating multiple components, thus dynamic components can’t really help here.

show the blocks you want to execute

responseglobal is a .csv file it receives from a request on the web


now keep adding 500 reports in the csv to the map and your device will hang for atleast 20 seconds

What are you trying to do

Maybe after got response from web create a procedure to load markers in map by 10 or by 20 using a clock