App got rejected!

Hi, everyone
I hope you guys are doing great. My app was removed in play console as the reason was Violation of Metadata policy on 6 Sep 2019, 3:06 pm. Unfortunately our India government has banned internet from 4 August 2019 and yesterday a low speed internet has been restored. Today i saw my email about removing my app i feel very sad​:pensive: only some people can understand my situation :sob: internet was suspended for 6 months. Now the question is that will my app be restored? Because 6 months has passed away, has my app case closed?
Can i appeal?

If your app Is removed that means your app is completely suspended…
You can create same like that by keeping in mind the policy which you violated & if it’s rejected it can be resubmitted @Yasir_Shakoor


We don’t allow apps with misleading, irrelevant, excessive, or inappropriate metadata, including but not limited to the app’s description, developer name, title, icon, screenshots, and promotional images.
For example:

The app’s title includes other apps or brands: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s full description includes user testimonials: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s short description includes user testimonials: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s full description mentions other apps: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s short description mentions other apps: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s full description mentions other brands: < INSERT EXAMPLE >
The app’s short description mentions other brands: < INSERT EXAMPLE > @Alapjeet

Your app removed?

Yes, my app removed…

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Then you can’t resubmit it…

Then ************* is this???

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They want you to upload new app same like that but without policy violation…
So keep it…
I already faced that moment…

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So, the reasons are loud and clear. You were using other Brand Name to promote your app.

What you can do?

  1. Comply rules & resubmit it for another review (From Scratch). OR
  2. Appeal to Google if you think your app were not violating any rules.
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You know what the app name was? It was Social Media i don’t think it’s a copyrighted name​:confused:

Rejection reasons are not stating anything about the App name. They are saying that, you have used other brand name in your app’s full description, short description.

Ya, i have used. But now i just have to remove full description. Isn’t it? Anything else with apk?

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Remove those Brand names, User Testimonials & Other app names from app descriptions .

Nothing wrong with APK . Leave it as it is.

Ok, thanks for the information. BTW i have forgotten my developer email’s password, i can’t access it​:pensive: i can’t recover it because my recovery phone number is prepard number and prepaid services are barred in Kashmir. Hell!!!:confounded:

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You can divert the calls & message so that I will help you to recover that @Yasir_Shakoor

No network in prepaid sims or you can say completely barred :pensive:so how can i divert calls and messages.

Oops sorry… 🤦‍♂
Sometimes I am out of my mind @Yasir_Shakoor

Life is hell in Kashmir!!!:confounded: Dreams never come true​:pensive:

Your application has been removed from the play store, not suspended so that you can update your app :wink:

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No it’s not possible. I already faced that issue…