App has stopped

When I click on watch button apps show error. APP HAS STOPPED

Expected Behaviour

Watch screen will open with YouTube player play the video

Actual Behaviour

App has stopped open again showing that error

Show your Blocks

Android version


Im doubting it’s the way how u call and use firebase, try to add some procedure, 2 times getting value from firebase? It might get you a trouble, make it a sequence procedure

Views4Views (1).aia (143.6 KB)
Please check this AIA and improve blocks as you said. If you don’t mind. Thank you

Views4View(1).aia (113.2 KB) here try check… It was simple methd calling data if your using firebase, dont call everything in one block… hope it will work, do change everything you need…

aia file just continue loading 15 minute still project not open i try it with my andriod device same problems

Thats weird… try to rename it, i already delete it in my projects

I already tried it. It doesn’t work

This aia doesn’t contain any screens

I uploaded this one.

Views4Views (1).aia (143.6 KB)