App help with (( ))

Hi Guys how do i get rid of the (( )) in the app i use firebase as my text storage and cloudinary as image storage.

here is the app screen:

Here is my blocks to register a product directly to firebase

and then my screen one where i get all the data from firebase

and here is my firebase

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I made three solutions for you

5653 deleat.aia (2.8 KB)


( ) means list in App Inventor. So, you are trying to display a list directly instead of an item.

For example, your list has 3 items, Banana, Apple and Cherry
If you try to display the full list, the result will be;

 (Banana Apple Cherry)

So you can try to select one item instead of displaying all items.

Hi yusufcihan,

i can ask to select only one but the item needs to go to a product description page where i need all that details to be displayed, here is the screen shot


Hi Salem,

thank you for the solutions i just need to work them in my blocks.

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Is “koppie” name of the app??

hi Deepanshu,

its a products

Solution 1 worked for me thank you very much

Use “add items to list - list - your list and items - firebase values” next time.

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Hi Any good with airtable?

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