App icon not show my phone

I add app icon already other phone showing good app Icon but I installed my apk in my phone not showing me my app icon . Not change icon.
How fix this issue

it’s your phone’s issue restart your phone

To help use identify your issue, please add this info.

  • What is the icon size.
  • Which device that icon didn’t show properly.
  • What is the Android version of the device.

I use 2nd icon it’s already working other apk my phone .

But I use my 1st apk again this issue .
Only my phone my phone android varsion 9 pkq

whats ur both icons size

I use all size multiple time .

whats the size which work on ur phone

tell me which size

I use 250X250, 144X144, 110X110, 96X6, 48X48

set size only 100x100 not lesser than from it and not more than from it

Ok I will try this

What’s the logic behind this? I use way higher resolution images (256x256 or 512x512) and they work fine.

What’s the filename of the image? Try one without spaces.

file name doesn’t contain symbols like_-/() *!? etc in ur image,

logo.png file name but not work my phone

Same error Here…