App Icon not changing on specific parts

Hello, I have changed the icon in my app to an Icon I uploaded but It only works on certain places, The icon only shows on the home screen and when you search for the app but not while clicking the square icon and during the play protect notice while installing.

Can you attach some screenshots?

Did you clear cache of your device or rebooted it,if not then try these and tell if they work and also create a test project and test by changing icon and if it faces same problems try it exporting by changing package name,
Then reply your results

I have tried cleaning temporary files, rebooting multiple times and installing and uninstalling the application, I have another app which has no problems with icons, I checked the config but it was pretty much the same for icon things.

Changing package name made it work.

could you post the link here? I would like to install the app to see if the same happens here because it is a very strange bug. It is most likely a problem on your device.

Your android must be saving the icons of the apps raging them with their package name so that it can load icons fast and when you change icons it is not updating them everywhere, probably this can be the problem,
As it works fine you must change package name or if you don’t want to change package name then try 1 more thing, try to install app in another phone and note behaviour

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I could not build the apk.
Is not a problem to install on device