APP icon not working for Specific package name

My app icon not working for specific package name ( com.zahidul_Blackbox.bcssyllabus ). when i change package name it works.
i have already published my app in play store, so i have no alternative to changing the package name. i used 512*512 px app icon, and everything seems to be ok. Anyone faced same problem?

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App icon not working, means? It doesn’t show as a icon or gives any error?

It shows default koduler icon instead of my given icon

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but it is working for me…

TEST.apk (5.4 MB)

it has your package name and my app icon.

512x512 px is very large. Perhaps your launcher doesn’t resize the icon to fill the icon frame.

i also used 512x512 px as a icon but it is working for me

Thanks for your contribution. I got it fixed, may be that was some short of problem in my launcher

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