APP icon not working for Specific package name

(Zahid) #1

My app icon not working for specific package name ( com.zahidul_Blackbox.bcssyllabus ). when i change package name it works.
i have already published my app in play store, so i have no alternative to changing the package name. i used 512*512 px app icon, and everything seems to be ok. Anyone faced same problem?

(😍) #2

App icon not working, means? It doesn’t show as a icon or gives any error?

(Zahid) #3

It shows default koduler icon instead of my given icon

(😍) #4

but it is working for me…

TEST.apk (5.4 MB)

it has your package name and my app icon.

(Robert Crum) #5

512x512 px is very large. Perhaps your launcher doesn’t resize the icon to fill the icon frame.

(Noman Rehan) #6

i also used 512x512 px as a icon but it is working for me

(Zahid) #7

Thanks for your contribution. I got it fixed, may be that was some short of problem in my launcher