App images showing inside users gallery (how to hide them?)

The images that i am using in my app are showing up on people’s gallery, how do i hide it so that it doesnt show in users gallery?

Store them in a folder starting with a dot

No I dont think that’d work, in having the same issue and it’s with the Makeroid Assets. When you upload them they are no longer hidden.

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can you show me a blocks example on how to do it

Like /.MyImages/image.png where the directory name starts with a dot.

can you show me a blocks example, i dont understand how to do it

But pavi explain how adding a dot before the directory helps it to hide for the gallery ??

Another solution is to create a .nomedia file in the directory which you want to hide your images from.

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I cannot show blocks because I don’t know how you are saving the images.

The assets folder is an Open Folder. So if you hide it, the System cannot find it. Only the app that is using that folder can find it if they have it in the code.