Hide asset photos

Hi guys, I have a problem.

When I install my app on my phone, the images that my project includes are saved. The question is … How can I hide those images? They told me putting a “period” before the folder name. but I don’t know exactly how to do it.

The assets files are saved only on the phone which is used for testing. You are getting assets photos on your device because you may be using the device for testing.

When other users will install your they will not get your app’s asset images on their devices

Well, let me understand you. I use the application as .apk but you tell me that it is a test. So you mean that when I publish it in the play store and download it from there, the images of assets will no longer be seen?

You may be using the same device for testing in which you are installing .apk file. And that’s why you are getting the asset images.

Just take a different device, install the apk in it and check if the images are shown or not

ok, I understand you. what you mean is that the companion is also on the mobile I’m testing the apk. And the images do not come from the apk but from the companion?

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Yes right they are saved while your are testing your app with the companion

If you’re right I was using the same test phone for the apk. now I will have to try it in another where the companion is not. Thank you very much friend.

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alternatively just delete the directory /Makeroid on your test device

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