App install via made in kodular app

hello All Koders.

Can we build such an app in kodular. In which we encrypt the links to the playstore app via firebase that the user can install this app via once from our app. And once the app is installed and not re-shows to the same user…

sorry my english is not good i have again re-question with google translate…

Not clear on your question. Have a list that dynamically updates with list of users whom have installed an app??

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looks like creating an app for refer install or get downloads for your app type application,

instead of making good apps, why every user prefer to make these type of apps?

two benefits im seeing the type of app. one make earning, second rank up in playstore user who download apps via in this app. user and app maker both are get benefits on this app.
please kindly give me aia to make this type ap. its humble request to you. thanks.
i can this type of apk. if you need to view this