Kodular sell app

Sorry I have this question: I can create an app that create other apps. Let me explain better I am creating this app that practically should sell app at a low cost and after he has bought it I will send him the APK of that app he bought. It can be done?

Really i didn’t understand what are you trying to say. :joy:

If you didn’t know English well try to use any translator.

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I can sell my app without play store but I will sell it on a website for example fiverr. is it legal?

Hey @sicncis23 did you mean that You wants to create an app which show all your others apps with your app price and after someone pay you for any app then the app will send that app for which user has paid to you.

No to describe it all it is like creating a shop in which you sell app. ok? so can this be done?

Yes, you can do that. That’s why there’s an In App Billing component.
Also there’s extensions to use different payment methods.

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