App is crashing everytime

Nopp not quite

Finger got stuck on the zero, sorry

The screen he tried to open had difficulties and timer opens a new one and a new one



I think the block on Screen1 is ok:

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I answered before I even looked at his aia and as default clock has always fires and enabled to true, so sue me


Here you have a working nobideer_jiboniallpart.apk (6.5 MB) , try it and see how it works

Labels can’t handle this much text



Can you please tell me how did you fix it?? Your apk is working with the same amount of label characters. Please tell me or provide me the aia file.

In a moment I just need to find it, again

Edit, here you go nobideer_jiboniallpart.aia (104.9 KB), I just hope you understand what I’ve done with your code



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