Crashing problem

I am having big problem when i test with companion my app working but when i build apk file then i am getting app crash problem,
App open fine when i touch the button suddenly app crashed please tell me what i do i am new in kodular i am using card view extension and taifun photo/video extension :unamused:

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Read the following topic and then give more info. There is no way in helping you with the info you give at the moment.

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Share A ScreenShot Of Your Blocks

Thanks For The Reply: :slight_smile:

Thanks For The Reply peter I already searchd but i didnt get my answer i post here, and i already told i am new in kodular this is my first post in discussion area

Do you have Multiple account on the community? I am asking this because, I saw similar blocks the aia file posted in below topic.

I am posting the block image of the aia file present in above topic here.

I have marked some blocks which have similar blocks. Even the name of procedure, arrangement, logic is similar. Also the query is nearly similar in both topics

Having Multiple accounts is not allowed in the community I think

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no i dont have multiple accounts, i purchased the source code from one youtuber but now he not telling me introductions what to do next, so i submit request here.

i found the solution… i just need app permission to access… and all night playing with blocks… :grin:

vaibav i got this aia from an youtube video, I am an unique individual person
i found some problems in the aia and i came to community so they can help me
and i could use this aia as a snippet

Ok got it. May you both got the aia from same youtuber and hence the problem is also similar.


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