App ia crashing (logs added)

Hello dear community.

My app is crashing please help me to find problem. These are screenshots of logcat

Posting screenshots with truncated messages is not enough

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what other information do you need?

I think if you want to post logcat logs you should post the whole logs not images of your phone.

i show you all logs about my app untill crashing. i think if you look and know the process you can find the problem from these logs

So you want help, and if someone tries to help and wants some more info you just say this is all i will give you.

no. firstly thank you very much for your response and trying to help. but i dont know what other information i can give about this situation

You should give us:-

  • Blocks screenshot
  • App screenshot
  • Detailed information of error

it is about 1500-2000 blocks(((

Post blocks where error is coming or you think they are causing error.
Like if error is showing on screen initialization then show blocks of screen initialization.

i also thinked so, disabled all blocks under screen initialize block and build apk, but again app crashed((

No one can help without knowing required information.

and other information: program works without any problem while testing companion. but when build the apk and install it , then app crashes. if there is any problem in code or something why works on companion ?

@Mika i need your help. can you help me please?

Are you using any ad?
Companion is different from real device.It is only to test design and function of app.Many apps work fine in companion but not on devices ( including my app ).
I think you should show your blocks.

No i don’t use any add or monetization component

Do you have something which is bit heavy? Like any process , I think you are using something which is taking a lot of resources, I also have an app which load images in listview with thumbnail, if the folder cantain many images it crashes, divif the is your case try to us block smart, you can find guide about this in community