App is giving runtime error length=0; index=-1

On openning the screen Data is showing perfectly but it is giving the following error i am using deephost custom recyclerview extension
here is my block part

and the error

Seems to me your problem is one of sequence.
I am not familiar with the deephost custom recyclerview extension, but it seems it is called first by the initialize event, and that it is expecting to access something from a list named global eng_image.
But that list is populated by the call to “english get_columns” which is done by the event “get all rows” which is started AFTER the deephost custom recycler is called.

Basically, from what I can see, it looks like you are trying to extract something from a list before you actually filled that list.

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it due to load more if you have remaining 5 images and your load more is 6 then it shows such error you can show images only multiple eg. of 5 such as 10 15 20 etc

if you have total images 40
load start 10 then
keep load more 5 or 10 or 2

i am using same extension in another app it is working fine in it…but causing problem

there are 75 images in database and in starting i am only loading 10 images and i am not using more loading block

okee…but why then index is going in -ve value

and this error is not showing in companion

You will have to check the “deephost custom recyclerview” extension for that, since the “position” is what the “Load_Data” event returns. -1 probably has some meaning that was pre-programmed (like error on load or whatnot).

This error usually appears when the list in the SELECT LIST ITEM block is empty…
Or when the INDEX refers to a null value or one that does not exist

but list is getting created when data has been loaded

just i am changing the extension…