App is not working, unbound location null

My app is working excellent with companion but keep stopping after i install in my phone.
please help

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Share your apk for test

Same Problem but I Solved that

So why won’t you provide the solution in order to help others with the same problem ?

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The Error might be beacuse Of Some Extension which is Not Updated for Kodular fenix .
So I Just Started To Delete One By One Extension and Checked Every time.
Because Of Which Extension Causing This Problem
So Finally I Notice That Because Of Sidemenu Extension its Causing the Problem.

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OM_Associates.apk (6.6 MB)

i use only spreadsheet extension by App Helper

can you show your screen inti blocks? Yes… App is not even opening…

Application close only if screen back press with condition


show us your clock component part from designer…
What is in the list???

these are all block

hard to find… may be due to your clock component i think… Need aia for further check up… Is this happening after fenix 1.5.2? worked earlier ?

yes, my app work fine before fenix 1.5.2 & this project is still working fine but with companion.
Only crash after installing in phone.

please follow this thread and show us the error

Have a try this method too…

Try this one Edit: nopp, NOt working

P.S Uninstall your previous version

Btw, Did this app ever work before as APK or only on companion.


yes before last update of fenix, my work fine in my phone

ok i will try and let you know result tomorrow

Just curious what is hidden behind this