App is showing only last record of firebase realtime database

I am trying to create a Quiz App on kodular with the help of a youtube video. I am facing two issues, although I have followed all steps of youtube exactly same.

  1. There is No Web Api key for this project in firebase. Although I put cloud messaging server key in the place of Firebase Token.

  2. I am getting only last record of my database in the app. There is one category Study1, then three children Question, Answer and Total. Total tells the number of records to be shown in the app. But due to unknown reason the Total is behaving in such manner that the app shows only the record of that particular number. Suppose, I have 4 questions, 4 answers in the database, and I put 4 in Total, then I will get only 4th question and answer in the app. On other hand, I have to click 4 times on next question button to reach that 4th question. If I put 3 in Total, then I get only 3rd question in app, and again I have to click three times on next question button. Before 3rd number click, app shows no data but as soon as I click 3rd time, it shows 3rd record only.

The link to the videos is

please post some database images


Welcome !
Please show your blocks relevant to the problem.

This may help you,

Please also post ur blocks and output

Thanks, but this problem has been solved. There was a disabled small block (math(1)). But now I am facing new challenge, I have posted that please help in that.