App Not Responding : Input dispatching timed out

In my app, my users are facing App not responding errors.

I got some feedback mails from users that app is freezes and not responds.

This ANR is happening on Screen2 (Menu).
On screen1 there is login layout and on screen2 side menu and menu items.

When I Googled this error, I got some solutions but i can’t understand why this error is happening.

They are:

I also use my app but i never faced it on my device.

If anyone want to test my app:

I found that, My app is getting this error on Android 10.

Anyone have Android 10 device who can test my app for me?

When we click on back lbl how you set that ripple animation please share with us

Do you mean title bar back button?

Yes, right how do you make that

It is built in.

Just add block “show title bar back button to true” in screen initialize event

Ok thank you

Working fine on Samsung A50

Thanks for testing my app.

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Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send non-key event because the touched window has not finished processing certain input events that were delivered to it over 500.0ms ago. Wait queue length: 4. Wait queue head age: 5671.7ms.)

after i added Spreadsheet get column component and update my application ANRs problem. daily 150 anrs and crashes problem

The pitcher has all the blocks that I have added.

@Boban Can I post this topic as bug?

Bug? No!

ANR’s are not bugs. App crashes depends upon our koding and logic.

After some research, i found that when we call an action or process and before it completes if we trigger another action then this error occurs.

Check your all blocks. Call actions one by one in a sequence.

I tried this and my app crashes are decreased.

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Maybe you are right, I do look once in a way like this.

My ANRs are increasing
Thanks for suggestion I will try Lets see what happen