App Open Ads Kodular

Hello, maybe some of you also know. Newly added application opening ads to admob. Can we use this in Kodular now? Or will it be added soon?


You have to give more info because your question is not clear. Did you search the community first to find an answer?

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I don’t think this question has been asked yet because this ad type was added for Admob today. I am adding a link here, you can view it here.

App Open Ads  |  Android  |  Google Developers.

Isn’t there any answer?

It seems you are impatient. You yourself said it is available only since today. The only one who can answer this are the devs. And they have more on their hands then Kodular.

I don’t remember telling you to do this right away? I just wanted to ask if this feature will be added in the future. I have been using this platform for a long time and I am a developer of software Java and C#, I know that such things are not easy, so I’m not new here, I just wanted a quick answer. thanks anyway.