App Permission Setup

In the app, I have used Google storage, image picker component, which permission would be appropriate for this, please guide.

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None for image picker, READ permission is requested automatically

Yes kodular is allowed to read automatically but, after clicking on the image piker, but I should see this permission after opening the screen

Would this method be correct?

Permission is asked when needed. You will see it the first time when press image picker

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If permission is applied after the screen is opened, nothing will happen

after giving Permission, your app is ready to operate those components… so you only have to add blocks to do that operations like, recording audio, etc etc

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Permission was asked automatically when needed, in this example in Screen2 when image picker was pressed

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this is also a better option

Is it necessary to take permission for login also?

Permission for login? Permissions are used to access your phone storage and not for using any component

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@Still-learning @dora_paz Thank you for your valuable guidance