App permission from users

My question is here :-

I’m taking 5 permission from users…
Like this…:-
1- Read storage permission
2- Write storage permission
3- Audio permission
4- Camera permission
5- Call permission

And I need only 3 permissions.

So what effects it will be do my app ?

And app published in tha play store.

Which 3 permission you need in your app?

My question is here
if i will give extra permission in my application

so, what will effect of my application

Which permission you want to give in your app?

i am saying that

if my application need 2 permission

and i am giving 5 permission

so what will effect of my application

and application is published on google play store.

1- Read storage permission
User can read from storage.

2- Write storage permission
User can write/change anything in storage.

3- Audio permission
Take audio.

4- Camera permission
Users can take image from your app

About Audio permission:

Which component you have use for Audio?

But why you need to ask users for extra permissions when they are not needed?

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you are not understanding my issue.


i am asking if i will give extra permission.
as like
( i am not using calling activity in my application
and i am taking permission from users )

so, will it harmful for my application ?
yes or not.

No. It doesn’t effect in app. Because you are not using that component.

are u sure ?

Yes sure…

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Please don’t hijack every topic asking for help for another topic:
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Personally I Will Straightaway Delete Your App.

And Not Only Me Many Sensible Users Will.

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it will not be harmful, but less user will install your app
therefore use as less permissions as necessary

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