App under review

I have not applied to any app for ad approval. Today, when I went to apply for ad approval for an app, I saw that an app has already been reviewed. After that, I checked all my apps, but I could not apply for ad approval in any of the apps.
My account mail is - private info removed by Mod
Please solve my problem

Screenshot 2021-11-13 at 15-37-59 My Kodular

Welcome to the Kodular Community.

I am requesting sorry from Kodular. This may be occured because of your app structure. Kodular team is working hard to get reviewed your app.

Thank You So Much.

@Ariyan_AD when is kodular update coming…

The banner size is tooo disturbing in app

Let them Fix this. They are may be working on this.

& If you have any kind of other problem then please create a new separate topic for you.